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Our Services


Servicing all water tanks, furnaces and air conditioning models.

The average hot water tank will last 10 years. Within its life span, your hot water tank may breakdown and therefore you may require hot water tank repair services in Calgary and surrounding areas. We always recommend hiring a certified technician like Hot Water Tank Calgary to ensure cost effectiveness and safety on your hot water tank unit. No job is too big or too small; we repair hot water tanks of all brands and sizes, tankless water heaters, and commercial hot water tank units.


Providing replacement installations of your current HVAC equipment.

At Hot Water Tank Calgary, we provide hot water tank installation services of residential and commercial units. We will assess your current home size, your family habits and your preferences in order to install the most suited hot water tank unit into your home. We provide conventional hot water tanks and tankless water heaters. We will address the pros and cons in order to provide you with a hot water tank or tankless unit that lasts.


Maintenance services of hot water tanks, tankless units, furnaces and more.

It’s extremely important to monitor and maintain the HVAC equipment in your home, especially hot water tanks that risk the opportunity for both bodily injury and property damage if mistreated.  Hot Water Tank Calgary works in partnership with AAA Heating and Plumbing to provide service and tune-ups on furnaces, air conditioning, water heaters and more.  We also provide maintenace programs for commercial clients. 


Making sure your your showers are never cold.

Partnering with Navien, the best in the business when it comes to hot water on demand, you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality. Tankless water heaters provide 6 gallons of water per minute, ensuring that you and your family can simultaneously be taking showers, and running your appliances. Wondering if it’s worth it? With 98% efficiency, you can be sure that you and your family will see significant savings on future utility bills.