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Water On Demand

Hot Water on Demand

Hot water on demand, also known as a tankless water heater, has gained popularity over the last decade. We think it’s only fair that we clarify some important points pertaining to tankless water heaters to ease your decision as to whether or not a tankless water heater may be for you.

Some important points to consider include: frequency of water use, size of home, size of family, and preference. Tankless water heaters are small, compact, easy to fit in a home space and much more attractive than regular hot water tanks. With this said, it’s important to remember that the main purpose for using a tankless water heater is to save energy. With only one person in the home, it may not be worth installing a tankless heater. However, with a bigger family size and increased water usage, it may be worth to choose a tankless water heater to see further energy savings. 

Please give us a call to further discuss your options, as tankless water heaters are much more expensive initially then a standard hot water tank.